Evacuation occurs only when a serious threat to public safety exists. If you are told to evacuate, through either local media or directly by government officials, do so immediately.

Be prepared:

  • Plan several different places you could go and find out where designated shelters are in your area.
  • Know the evacuation plans for important locations (i.e. work, school, etc.) Hotels and motels fill up fast during evacuations.
  • Call to make sure there is room for you and your family before driving there.
  • Keep phone numbers and maps for each potential evacuation location.Wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing.
  • Take your go bag.
  • If possible, communicate with trusted neighbors. 
  • Lock your house.
  • Leave a note telling people when you left and where you are going.
  • Use authorized routes.
  • When you are safe, call your out-of-area contact and let him or her know where you are.

Evacuation Tags

During the 2017 fires, first responders spent days evacuating neighborhoods. We're providing residents with evacuation tags to place on their mailbox, fence, gate or door before evacuating. The evacuation tags save first responders considerable time and allow first responders to clear neighborhoods faster.  Learn more about evacuation tags and where to get them on the Sheriff's web page. For any questions about evacuation tags, contact sheriff@countyofnapa.org